The brand new 12 track album


Split Whiskers -  Down In The Swamp

1. Down In The Swamp* (G. Bacon)

2. I Ain't Got You (C. Carter)

3. Mellow Down Easy (W. Dixon)

4. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (M. Price, D.Walsh)

5. Days Of Old* (J. Taub, BB.King)

6. If You Can't Be Good Be Gone (M. Henderson, C. Stapleton)

7. Split Whiskers Are Back In Town (J.G Fletcher)

8. Rolling Down The Highway (G. Bacon)

9. Money Ain't Everything* (J.G Fletcher)

10. Mean Ol' Frisco* (A. Crudup)

11. Up All Night (G. Bacon)

12. Little Did She Know (J.G Fletcher)

Split Whiskers - Down in the swamp